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    How to write Amazing Birthday Cards?

    Birthday events are special occasions — those unique days in the year when we celebrate our loved ones for who they are and express our gratitude for having them in our lives. Heart-felt birthday cards are always warmly received, deeply appreciated and endearingly treasured; in some cases, forever. People may not remember what you give them but always remember how you make them feel. Your happy moments together are re-called every time they open your cards and re-read your messages. So, it's a wonderful investment putting your little extra effort into making your card personal and fabulous.
    Here are steps to create the perfect birthday greeting card:
    Step 1: Reflect on your relationship
    + Think about shared memories.
    + Reflect on your feelings when you are around them.
    Step 2: Choose your tone
    + Match the overall tone for your messages to the relationship: casual, professional, funny, sassy, flirty, etc.
    + If your relationship is solid (usually more than 1 year) with deep mutual understanding, don't be afraid to try something less formal and more expressive of your true self. For example, a bold, sexy and even flirty messages can really liven up as card for your dear spouses. You can be extra saucy writing for your best friends who you know will definitely appreciate and enjoy your wit.
    Step 3: Time to write. Practice makes perfect!
    + Note down what you want to include in your cards: wishes, shared memories, encouragement, congratulations, gratefulness etc,. Messages need not to be long, just sincere.
    + Jot down notes in an app, send texts to yourself, or type out your message in a Word document. Of course, you are welcome to write your message down by hand. I just prefer to type whenever I can.
    + When you are happy with your message, transfer it to your greeting cards.
    Step 4: Select impressive "Happy Birthday" cards
    + Select a cards matching overall tone of your message. The more unique and personal the cards, the better it will be remembered.
    + Check out Anthea’s charming and unforgettable pop-up birthday greeting cards.
    Step 5: Look for feedback
    + Note how your card is received and how it makes your loved ones feel. They usually tell you right away when opening and reading your cards.
    +If your card is read aloud at a party, note how the crowd reacts. If they love your message, you will know. If there is not much reaction, you can take note and try to improve next time. Ha ha.