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    Steps to Unforgettable Anniversary Cards

    When it comes to sending anniversary cards to celebrate those five, ten, twenty, or even fifty years of wedded bliss, it’s worth doing it right. Cards to celebrate an anniversary aren’t just for significant others; they can also bring joy to parents and even BFF. Your thoughtful card will show you cared enough to remember the important dates. The sentiment you express in an anniversary card can really bring a smile to your loved-one’s face.
    Below are steps to take to have the most unforgettable messages delivered on anniversaries:
    Step 1. Reflect on your relationship with your loved one
    + Note down memorable moments you shared with your loved one or the couples you are addressing.
    + Focus on all the positive traits attract you to him/her/them.
    + Remember how you met and what are first things you notice about them?
    Step 2. Note down the feelings you currently have for the loved one
    + Did you feeling grow stronger over time?
    + What do you want them to know most about your feelings toward the relationship?
    Step 3. Choose the appropriate greeting cards to convey your message
    + How your thoughtful messages delivered is very much important and should not be undermined.
    + Choose a greeting card that not only expresses your style but also suits the particular relationship. This can be difficult, but Anthea is here to help. Check out Anniversary Pop Up Card Collection for ideas.
    Step 4. Write you card
    + Address your loved ones. For your spouse, use "Dear so-and-so". Don't be shy to use the nicknames you have for each others. He/she can feel the intimacy from the start. For couples, use first names, when appropriate.
    + Write your wishes & feelings about the person/couples. Don't be afraid to lay your heart bare as there is no better time/place to do so.
    + Mention the anniversaries milestones. It will show how much you care.
    + Add some memories about them that you remember most so that they can relive those moments.
    + Of course, don’t forget to throw in "Happy Anniversary."
    + Finish with a warm closing like "With love", "Kisses", "Your love", etc.