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    What to write in a Sympathy Card?

    It's not an easy task to hit exactly the right tone when writing a sympathy card for someone’s loss. You can feel pressure to show empathy, ease their sadness, and possibly let them know you are there to support them. However, let me tell you something to ease the pressure: there are no magic words to heal heartbreak. There is zero expectation for you to do so. The thoughtful act of sending a sympathy card is what will matter most.
    The best approach is to be genuine and sincere. Below are some steps to take for the best sympathy cards:
    Step 1: Acknowledge the loss
    + The best way to move on is to face the loss head on. As such, don't be afraid to acknowledge the loss and sadness that your loved ones is currently feeling.
    Step 2: Share memories you had with the deceased
    + Write about your most memorable moments with deceased and how grateful you are for those beautiful moments.
    + Recall all the good qualities of the deceased that make him/her unforgettable.
    Step 3: Don't forget to show your support through difficult times
    + Show through your words that you will always be there for your loved one no matter how tough the situation. This wonderful message for ones currently going through empty and disoriented feelings due to the loss of their loved one.